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Multiple Pasco Properties Listed on the WA State Historic Register

PASCO, Wash. — “At that time, if you were black, you lived on the east side – you didn’t live in Kennewick, you didn’t live in Richland,” Vanis Daniels, of Pasco said. As Daniels stood outside the Morning Star Baptist Church in Pasco, he can still recall where family, friends and past reverends lived during the mid-20th century. “They were like pillars of the community,” Daniels remembered several church leaders as he grew up in East Pasco. Daniels is the President of the African American Community Cultural and Educational Society. He said it’s important to preserve his culture’s history, even the painful parts.

Northwest Black Pioneers

*Despite what it says, the video is available.  To view it, just click the link and it will open in YouTube.

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